Origami Router Design

Product Design

Origami Router Design

This was my final project for a Product Design course during my master’s. The idea was to redesign the housing of your normal Wi-Fi Router improving a certain problem in the existing design.

The Problem

When you look at the normal router housing, they have a clean design (most of them) but if you actually take a look at what’s inside the router, you’ll be surprised to see how small the entire circuit board inside it is. I asked myself why have such a big housing including the entire packaging of the box itself for something that’s this small? This is where I decided to come up with a housing that can work both as the packaging as well as the design of the router itself.


Use the folding techniques of Origami to reduce the entire experience of getting a router, unboxing it, and using it into one small envelope. This envelope contains the circuit board for the router and by following a quick guide you can fold the envelope to make it into the housing of the router itself (as you can see in the images on the right/below depending on the device).