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Autism Assisted Pakistan

This is the first time I got to work with people of special needs. In this case, the main challenge wasn’t to design a portal that was easy to navigate but to make the information on it accessible to even the most common of people.

Pakistan is not considered to be one of the most literate countries out there so while in other countries people can easily google their queries, in Pakistan most people don’t even know how to use google in the first place and the ones who do figure it out might not be fluent in English to be able to understand the information they find. My main role in this project initially started as a UX Design Consultant followed by the Lead Frontend Developer.

Our main target audience for this portal are the parents and the caretakers of the people suffering from ADHD so before we brainstormed our ideas we talked to some of the parents and the caretakers to better understand the problems that they were facing. This was followed by an extensive feature list for the platform.

At the same time information was collected from many different reliable sources in the world but it had to be even more simplified for people to understand, so for that, we also consulted some renowned specialists in this area.

Once we had all the information we couldn’t just put it on the website and say that’s it. We had to put it in proper order so that the user can easily navigate through it rather than jumping from page to page and getting lost in the process. To make it even more accessible the information was also provided in the form of a booklet that the users can download and read offline.

On top of that every information on the portal has also been translated into Urdu (Native language of Pakistan). You can also find different accessibility options like read-assist, font-size changer, and color changer to make it as inclusive as possible.

In the end, I will say I’m proud to be a part of the team that worked on this initiative and today it’s changing lives for a lot of people all across Pakistan.

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    Laravel, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JQuery

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