Beginners Guide to Become a Self-taught UI/UX Designer

If you look around yourself, do you think we live in a well-designed world? Or most importantly what do you think represents “well-designed”? If you’ve never heard of the term UX design before, you’d most probably think of something that looks good aesthetically.

The truth is it doesn’t matter how beautiful your product is; if it’s not designed with the end-user in mind. This is exactly what UX design is all about – creating a user-centered product that solves the target audience’s pain points, meets their needs, and makes their experience flawless.

In the digital world, a good user experience makes a website/app stand out and increases sales. That is why an increasing number of companies spend significant effort on hiring good UX designers to enhance the UX of their products.

As a result, UX designer jobs have gradually become one of the hottest positions for job seekers (among the top 10 emerging tech jobs of 2020).

Although the concept of UX is most often talked about in terms of digital products like apps and websites, it does not have to be limited to that. In the end, it’s about using design as a tool for problem-solving.

In this guide, I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know in order to start your journey to becoming a proficient UI/UX Designer, even if you don’t have any experience or an advanced degree. If I can do it so can you 😉

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